College and Career Planning

We wish to thank Mary Moore, Vocational Counselor at Brunswick High School, for her work in developing this exciting compilation of career guidance links. We have adapted her web page for access by our students at Gorham High School with her permission (May, 2003).

 Wondering what to do after high school? Plan for the future. Research a variety of postsecondary opportunities, identify sources of financial aid, prepare for the SAT's, take a look at career options and study the needs of the current labor market. The College and Career Planning website will help you find the information you need.

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Career Assessments

Career Information

General Career Information

  • A Career/College Planning Information System- Choices/Bridges/College Net/Petersons
  • Bridges - Career Information/Resources
  • The Princeton Review: Career Information
  • The Career Zone - Explore Careers by Cluster
  • Career Adviser - Your Guide to Career Resources
  • Career Exploration Links
  • Career Choices
  • Anyone Can Be A Hero!!
  • Real People Profiles- Get Your Feet Wet
  • JobWeb - Catapult - Career Choices
  • Hot Jobs - US News & World Report
  • Search of the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • America's Career InfoNet- Career Resource Library
  • America's Career InfoNet - General Outlook of the U.S. Job Market
  • America's Career InfoNet - State Profiles
  • Security, Protection and Investigative Career Guide
  • Welcome to the Military Career Guide Online
  • Explore Careers in the Military
  • Apprenticeship Information
  • Career Information from Zookeeping to Writing
  • Career Paths
  • Steps to Career/Life Planning Success

    English: Career Information

  • Career in Broadcast Journalism
  • Career Opportunities for English Majors
  • Career Titles for English Majors

    Social Studies: Career Information

  • Career Paths for Those With History Degrees
  • Career in Sociology
  • Career in Archaeology
  • Geography Careers
  • Amazing Women of the Past and Present!!

    Foreign Languages: Career Information

  • Careers in Foreign Languages
  • Foreign Language Careers - What Does the Future Hold?
  • Foreign Language Study, Anyone?
  • Careers Utilizing Foreign Languages
  • Careers in the Foreign Service
  • Foreign Language Career Ideas
  • International Languages - Careers

    Science: Career Information

  • Marine/Environmental Science Careers
  • Careers and People Working in the Field of Marine Science
  • Women of NASA
  • Women in Science
  • Career in NASA
  • Career in Oceanography
  • Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Scientists In Action
  • Careers in Botany

    Math: Career Information

  • Career Profiles - Math in the Real World
  • Careers That Count - Opportunities in Mathematics
  • Math Careers
  • Careers in Math - Theme Page
  • Women in Engineering

    Business: Career Information

  • Careers in Business and Finance
  • Careers in Marketing
  • Overview of and Resources in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and More
  • Careers in Management
  • Accounting - No Limits!
  • A Career in Real Estate

    Visual Arts: Career Information

  • Visual Arts Career Guide
  • Graphic Arts and Printing Careers
  • Careers in Photography and Film

    Performing Arts: Career Information

  • Performing Arts Career Guide

    Health/Physical Education: Career Information

  • Career Profiles in the Health and Medical Field

    Consumer/Family Life: Career Information

  • Consumer Life Career Pathways
  • Culinary Arts and Food Science Careers
  • Careers in Home and Family
  • Careers in Early Childhood and Education
  • Cosmetoogy Careers

    Technology/Vocational: Career Information

  • Construction - Careers With A Future
  • Careers in Manufacturing
  • Careers in Auto Body Repair
  • Careers in Automotive Technology
  • Careers in Carpentry and Construction
  • Electrical Occupations
  • Electronic Careers
  • Engine Technology Careers
  • Careers in Horticulture and Landscape Design
  • Masonry Career Guide
  • Plumbing and HVACR Guide
  • Transportation Careers
  • Welding and Metalworking Careers


  • Dept. of Labor - Maine Job Service Div.
  • Dept. of Labor - National Job Service Div.
  • Cool Works (sm) - Seasonal Jobs in National Parks, Ski Resorts & More
  • Help Wanted - Maine
  • Department of Labor - Job Seeking Information and Tips
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interviewing
  • Job Corps Information

    Other Links

  • Maine Vocational Region #8