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GHS Graduation Gowns




Maroon  White or Black


Dear GHS Parents & Guardians,

As you may have heard, the GHS School Council has been considering the selection of colors for our graduation gowns. The School Council has been in place for almost a decade and is comprised of ten staff members and ten students who all have an equal vote. For a proposal to pass it requires 2/3 yes vote by the council  The aim of School Council is to consider proposals devised to improve GHS. This year a proposal was presented to the School Council to consider moving from two different color gowns, one white and one maroon, to just one color. Traditionally white has been worn by young women and maroon by young men. The aim of this proposal was to bring unity to the class by having just one color gown, no longer based upon gender. The senior class was poled on this proposal and offered a chance to speak about their thoughts on Friday and before the School Council meeting today. I must stress that I remain enormously proud of the respect and tolerance that our students displayed in discussing this emotional and potentially contentious issue.


The School Council, after deliberating, voted not to move towards one color gown. However, by a near unanimous vote the School Council voted to move toward individual student choice of three colors (white, maroon, or black). You will often see these colors at our pep rallies, in the stands, and on our uniforms. By having a choice among these three colors, School Council hopes over time the robes will no longer be associated with gender. Actually, this idea was raised and supported by a number of seniors who spoke on Friday and today . Additionally 85% of seniors polled supported this multi-color option versus having one color gown. Today, based upon feedback and their own deliberations the GHS School Council was able to reach a compromise. I recognize in our community there are multiple opinions across the spectrum regarding this topic, but I hope we all can find a way to be proud of the GHS students and staff for working through this tough decision.  I believe we collectively have grown as a result. As always, thanks for your continuing support of GHS and Gorham Schools.



Chris Record

GHS Principal

Celebrating the GOOD!


Gorham High School -  Mission Statement

The mission of Gorham High School is to provide a variety of educational opportunities in a safe, positive environment. Our aim is that each graduate thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, reads and listens for understanding, solves problems, acts as a responsible citizen and aspires to and realizes individual goals.

Totally Trades


Have you ever dreamed of operating an excavator, wiring a house, building a toolbox or learning the ins and outs of firefighting and emergency medicine? For 10 Gorham High School young women, their dreams became a reality at the "Totally Trades" conference at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center. At the conference, students were given hands on opportunities to try some non-traditional careers and meet women currently employed in those fields. Through this experience our students became more familiar with vocational course offerings and the variety of careers available to them. We are looking forward to participating in this program next year!

Gorham High School

Partners In Education (PIE)


Partners in Education is a way for parents to be well connected with the school and to discuss and implement ways to improve the school.  Meetings include a brief update on particular issues, concerns and school programs such as curriculum, guidance, activities, athletics, and many more.  Then the team continues to work on ways to improve the school.


Stay connected and provide support and help through the Partners in Education.  We meet from 5:30 - 6:30 PM in the Stickney Library at GHS. All are welcome!


March 3

May 5

GHS Chamber Singer Miles Obrey won 2nd place In the National Association of Teachers of Singing Musical Theater Competition, held at Bates College on Saturday.  He competed with over 25 other High School freshman and sophomores from the entire state of Maine. He is a voice student of Paul Stickney.


  Miss Denick and her  Humanities

  Classes collect food for the

  Gorham Food Pantry.

  Job well done!





Class will be held at GHS in the  Library

Any parent interested in volunteering or helping at project graduation must first complete a volunteer orientation meeting and complete a ghs volunteer form and submit otherwise they will not be allowed to help.    All Gorham School Department employees involved still need to do this as well.


Up coming dates for Orientation are:  2/24, 3/10 & 4/7 all at Gorham Middle School library at 6:30


Volunteer forms can be found on gorham school website.


Next Weeks Schedule  February 2 - 6

Monday Wednesday Block Day (due to snow day on Friday)

Tuesday Regular  Period 1-7 schedule

Wednesday Early Release  Periods 1 - 7 out at 11 am

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